The Works Bundle - Bush Fire Fundraiser by Kyle Wood
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The Works Bundle - Bush Fire Fundraiser

Upgrade your workouts with this collection of workout manuals while supporting those affected by the Australian bush fires.
100% of profits to charity.
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What's included?

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WORKOUTS: Pro Package
Guide Book - Start Here.pdf
1.19 MB
Outdoor Workouts.pdf
4.01 MB
Indoor Workouts.pdf
1.63 MB
Boxing Workouts.pdf
1.33 MB
WORKOUTS Reloaded.pdf
861 KB
Print Out - Marathon Fitness Test Printout.pdf
104 KB
Tool - 10 Exercises For Limited.pdf
691 KB
Tool - Workout Planner.pdf
394 KB
Tool - Planning sessions for different fitness levels.pdf
3.03 MB
Video Exercise Library.pdf
172 KB
Mega Fitness Games Bundle
8.44 MB
4.43 MB
6.94 MB
29.2 MB
16.7 MB